The goals of the WATAs are to:

• Uplift the hospitality industry with an event which will create exposure and business for participants.

• Showcase Aotearoa's (and therefore, the worlds) best, most creative usages of avo and bread.

• Reward the dedication of participants who provide quality, innovative meals to our community.

• Uphold the value of silliness which is an essential, yet simple dish, and claim it back as a respectable meal.

• Be a great source of internet memes.

• Somehow, but probably not, generate business for the two random creative agencies Xequals and Obvious who partnered together to create this stupid, but lovely annual award ceremony.

Image: Pretentious millennials enjoy an old fashioned plate of avo toast.

Our Distinguished Panel of Judges

Millennial 1: Alex Matthews

Millennial 2: Ciaran Jack

Millennial 3: Genevieve Palmer-Munro

Millennial 4: Rosalind Cervante

Special Guest Judge: Tania Marie Smith


The Categories

Best Value, Peoples Choice + runners up, Overall winner + runners up, Best Presentation, Most Delicious <3



Our Wonderful Sponsors

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Millennials eat some avocado on toast