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Millennials eat some avocado on toast
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The goals of the WATAs are to:

• Uplift the hospitality industry with an event which will create exposure and business for participants.

• Showcase Aotearoa's (and therefore, the worlds) best, most creative usages of avo and bread.

• Reward the dedication of participants who provide quality, innovative meals to our community.

• Uphold the value of silliness which is an essential, yet simple dish, and claim it back as a respectable meal.

• Be a great source of internet memes.

• Somehow, but probably not, generate business for the two random creative agencies Xequals and Obvious who partnered together to create this stupid, but lovely annual award ceremony.


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Image: Pretentious millennials enjoy an old fashioned plate of avo toast.

About WATA

We are group of millennials struggling in the housing crisis who love avocado on toast and our city, beautiful Wellington. This is set up to have some fun and celebrate Wellingtons finest hospo spots. Get in touch with us if you have anything you think you can add, are you also obsessed and keen to be a special guest judge, would you like to be a sponsor, or do you wanna say hi?

The Categories

There are a total of nine awards each year: 

1. Overall winner + runners up [3]

2. Peoples Choice + runners up [3]

3. Best Value [1]

4. Best Presentation [1]

5. Most Delicious [1]

WATA 2024 is no a wrap! Looking forward to season '25 when #avocadoseasonisuponus


Our Wonderful Sponsors

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nz avocado

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Our Amazing Panel of Judges

alex matthews
Millennial 1
ciaran Jack
Millennial 2
rosalind judge
Millennial 3
tania judge portrait
Special Guest Judge 2022
ruth osmond and sunflower
Special Guest Judge 2023-24
alfred potter guitar
Special Guest Judge 2023-24
rox flame in the xequals office
Special Guest Judge 2023
pushi looks out the window of his cuba street apartment
Avocado Plushi
international guest judge may lee
International Guest Judge 2024