1. The entry must include both avocado, and toast.

• Avocado (Persea americana) may exist in any form.
• Toast, as defined by us, is a toasted substance, typically (but not always) composed of a kind of ground flour, which has been baked, sliced, then toasted.
• Avocado and Toast should be the main ingredients, or 'heros' of the dish, however additional foods and garnishes are encouraged, so don't constrain creativity, go f#c(%# wild mate!

2. Judges will assign merit points based on the following:

• Sense of value (the balance of cost, quality, freshness, and so on)
• Innovation through variations such as smashed / sliced avocado (avo foam? avo mist anyone?) and appropriate / quirky garnishes
• Plating and presentation, general aesthetics
• Overall deliciousness


We want to encourage interesting, topical social digest of current issues, through the story telling medium of avocado toast. It's not just about the toast - it's also how you promote it, how you celebrate and honour your avocado toast.

Think to yourself "What is the meta-narrative of my avocado toast? What are the primary design principles that inform its gestalt? What am I saying and trying to achieve here with my avocado toast? Is it just just a plate of of bread and vegetables, or can it be something more? Are plants really sentient?"

3. Registration and judging timeline

• Registrations to participate with your avo toast creations must be received by 28th February
• Judging period for avo toast creations will run for the whole month of March
• Only one entry per chain café - unless the entries are different!
• Winners will be announced by the end of April and a small celebration held for the applicants (AVO-COBID-69 OVERLORDS PERMITTING)

4. Wellington Hospo: Let's create a new culture of avocado toast in Wellington!

• All entries welcomed big and small: this award will run seasonally, with a long-term view to become a Wellington institution, therefore we encourage you not to be daunted by it, but just have fun and give it a go. There's no wrong answers with avo.
• Venues may submit more than one menu entry / take on avo toast, but a separate application will be required for each plate
• Will provide a written commentary and photos of their unique avocado toast, including cost (menu cost)
• Will provide a photo of their dish, along with at least one other image (logo or venue shot) they would like associated with their venue for distribution through the WATA social media
• Will provide the times that the dish will be available at their venue, and commit to serving the dish during these times for the duration of the event