Location: Hudsons Queensgate (Level1, opposite H&M), Lower Hutt

Description: It's an avocado toast with an exciting twist! We are serving an extra creamy fresh avocado spread with a slight tangy zing, generously nestled on fresh sourdough bread that cools the heat.  You know it's special when chunks of paneer (cottage cheese) are combined with some flavoursome cumin & chaat masala seasoning, topped off with fresh coriander. Now that's what you call a fine avocado toast.

At Hudsons, we love coffee and we do everything we can to make every single sip special. We believe our avo toast is a great pairing with any of our three unique coffee blends - Premium, Single Origin and Barista's Choice. So, however you like it, we have got you covered from great-tasting coffee to the creamiest avocado toast. Come to Hudsons!

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hudsons avo on toast