Avocado Plushi

Introducing our green and glorious sensation, Avocado Plushi, the one and only Mascot for the annual Wellington Avocado on Toast Awards.

From the land of sunshine and guacamole dreams, Avocado Plushi is the embodiment of avocado excellence. This charismatic and utterly smushable character has taken the avocado toast world by storm, one pit at a time. Known for their charming avocado-shaped head and always-ripe personality, Avocado Plushi is here to spread the creamy love of avocados like never before.

With a resume that boasts being the ultimate 'pit'-er of the party, Avocado Pushi has had an illustrious career shaking up the avocado toast game. They've mastered the art of perfectly ripe avocados, and their skills in toast-to-avocado ratio are unmatched. And yes, they even offer free guac tips on the side!

Avocado Pushi is your go-to for all things avocado-related. Need advice on the ideal avocado ripeness for that perfect Instagrammable toast? Avocado Plushi's got you covered. Want to debate the finer points of whether toast should be toasted or grilled? Avocado Pushi is your arbiter of taste.

So, get ready to toast your way into avocado paradise with Avocado Pushi as our ultimate mascot, and join us at the Annual Wellington Avocado on Toast Awards for a smashing good time! Remember, when life gives you avocados, make avocado toast, and when you need a toast-worthy mascot, go for Avocado Plushi!

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