Special Guest Judge 2022

Judge: Tania Marie Smith

Meet our Guest Judge – Tania Marie Smith!

A Researcher, Strategic Devs Consultant, Event Co-Director, Project Manager, and Mama of two amazing daughters, Tania has spent years in hospo back in the day. As a fan of bad jokes and fun puns, it would be a tragedy if we don’t let Tania describe her #WATA experience in her own words.

“Holy guacamole this is #Wellington's finest bringing you joy on a plate that’s good for the heart too! I just can’t wait to taste the best #avo and toast that #Welly #Hass to offer, it’s enough to make the rest of the country green with envy. But never fear NZ, just enlist your ‘avo’ buddies, and go get smashed.

WATAs are not your ducky bunch that sits around and guac guac all day, they’re super proactive, and anything but would be absolutely pit-full! So, get out and about whānau - support your local avo toast award and help bring back the shine to the one and only, eye wateringly unaffordable, but stunningly gorgeous capital city.”

tania judge portrait